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    "My car has four tires,

    Your car has four tires,

    Our car has four tires,

    Four tires, four tires, four tires!”

    - Ancient Sibling Rivalry chant

    Aloha, all!

    Apologies for not getting these last two days updated to all of you who are waiting with baited breath to learn of our latest moves. We’ve been having too much fun!

    Day #5 of the trip was full-up with a great visit to the marketplace up at the University of Hawai’i. We got some great momentos and fresh, cold coconut milk! 

    Afterwards, we hurried back to the apartment to get ready for Germaine’s Luau. Boy oh boy, no one could have prepared us for the experience we had. Located away from the hubub of Honolulu, we took a bus up to the venue just in time for an AMAZING sunset on the beach. We watched the good people of Germaine’s pull a cooked pig out of the sand and remove the hot rocks with their bare hands! Then, we were treated to front-sand seats as the hula dancers (and some notable members of our party) performed an impressive series of dance numbers featuring hula styles from all different parts of the Hawaiian and Polynesian islands. 

    We got back to the city just in time to party with our new Improvaganza friends! After five days on the islands, we can now say we have friends from Hawai’i, Brazil, San Francisco, New Zealand, Italy, New York, Austin, Los Angeles, and Seattle. In our natural habitat of “a bar with a free karaoke machine and darts”, we sang/drank/danced the night away and closed down the bar in the only way that we know how. We can’t thank the good people at Improvaganza enough for making our experience unforgettably wonderful. Even after all the festivities were completed, they made sure to let us know that they were available if we had any questions or issues, or needed recommendations for restaurants or activities. In a modern world lacking in human contact and sincerity, these wonderful people represented the epitome of hospitality and we’re so honored to be included in their world for even just a little while. Mahalo nui loa, Improvaganza!

    It’s closing in on the end of Day #6 now. The Sibs are slowly grabbing rides to the airport and catching the last bits of sunlight on any beach we can find. We started this journey as friends and “Siblings,” all connected by a common love and respect for improvisation. Now that our experience is coming to a close, we can all confidently say that we are truly ohana. Living in close proximity for the better part of a week, watching artists from all over the globe participating in a craft that we hold dear to our hearts, and witnessing natural beauty like we’ve never seen has definitely changed each one of us for the better. To quote a notable epitaph from the cinematic classic “Dirty Dancing” - we’ve had the time of our lives.

    Just like a car cannot move without each of its four tires - we cannot imagine our experience without each member of our extended family. It takes a village to raise our family, and we are nothing without each citizen. Even the town drunk. So we raise a mai tai to you, and to Hawai’i! My car has four tires, your car has four tires, our car has four tires. Four tires, four tires, four tires!


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    "Is everyone leaving me?"

    SHOW DAY!!!

    It’s time! Finally, the day we’ve waited for and worried so hard for. Our debut at Improvaganza 2014!!!!

    The start to a relaxing show day began at the much revered Boots and Kimo’s restaurant on the northern part of the island in Kailua. After a healthy serving of Macadamia Nut Sauce banana pancakes, we retired to a nearby beach for a midday lay-about and “disc sesh.”

    Then! We played to a PACKED HOUSE at the Kumu Kahua Theater! We had the BEST. TIME.

    Some highlights from our set are:

    •  A beautiful love scene between a professional competitive walker and her beau
    • A group of friends watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade aftermath
    • A mermaid with new legs and her underwater sea pals
    • Competitive dancers in a dance marathon, and their hype-man who is just happy to be encorporated
    • A fish couple and their empty shell as their guppies go off to school
    • Two divorcees, looking to reconnect with a little bit of Beyonce’s dance moves and their daughter’s earnest help

    A big Mahalo to the entire staff at Improvaganza for making us feel so warmly welcomed in their home! We could not have had more fun if we tried!

    Two more days in paradise, y’all! Stay tuned!

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    "Even of our improv set sucks, at least they’ll know Chicago knows how to party."

    Happy day three, everyone!

    Things we learned:

    1. Manoa Falls is absolutely gorgeous. We took a midday hike up to where they filmed Jurassic Park, some scenes of Lost, and part of Catching Fire. Definitely a highlight of the trip. 2. The beach is still beautiful. Always always. 3. Aloha Fridays are the bomb. The Improvaganza folks hosted a delicious aloha shirt and hot dog gathering for all the performers, and we got to meet and talk to all the great people we’ve been watching this week. 4. If the Sibs go to a jazz bar at one am, and it ends up being some dudes rap party, it’ll still be a banging party. Because that’s how Chicago does.

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    "So, is there a crab in a bag somewhere?"

    Happy opening day of Improvaganza! Jet lag is working in our favor this week, so the sibs were up with the sun and taking full advantage of the beautiful beaches all around us. We had a wonderful beach day full of paddle boards, snorkeling, and soaking in the rays at Ft. Derussy beach.

    Sure, a trip to Hawaii isn’t complete without copious amounts of swimming and rum-drink drinking, but the siblings are here for a purpose. A higher purpose. The art of comedia d’ellarte, the venture of truth, the intangible becoming tangible - the purpose of improvisation.

    Thursday was the opening ceremonies for Improvaganza 2014!!! And we were not disappointed. We were treated to a traditional hula song and dance, an awesome short form and long form mashup set from the Alohahas, a short form set from Impro Brasil (featuring a certain couple from our group), the incomparable Essence troupe from LA, and a mind-expanding set from Super Mega Art Show. If this first night is any indication of what we’re going to see for the rest of the weekend, hold onto your butts.

    In the opening ceremonies, we learned the Hawaiian term “Ohana”, meaning family. We’re so honored to call the members of the festival ohana. Let’s face it, when another troupe learns your “four tires” toast - there aren’t many more social walls to knock down.

    More later! Aloha!

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    "I had a lot of nicknames when I grew up, Jacque. Jacs. But when I played softball they called me psycho."

    Aloha, everyone! Day one is off to a great start. Eight out of the ten of us have arrived in Hawaii in our beautiful rented apartment, and we can’t believe our luck. We quickly found our rented mini van for the week (it has automatic doors, no big deal) and visited the local grocery for some necessary items. We then promptly jumped in the pool to watch the sunset.

    I can hear Ashleys soothing tones ordering a pizza from pizza hut from the other room, and everyone has a casual drink on hand, so hopefully we’ll all get a good night of sleep tonight. We’ve got a busy day of beach going and opening ceremonies for Improvaganza tomorrow!

    Sleep well, continental united states. We’ll keep you updated on the morrow!

    **P.S. If you have the chance, ask Pervy Megs what a hernia is. The results are great.

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    NaSkeWriMo: 9/23/14

    I’m realizing a lot of my sketches are politically bent since I read the news in the morning and then write a sketch. Best case scenario - this process will help me hone my political point-of-view and think more critically about the things happening around me. Worst case scenario - I’m blowing off steam for no reason. Either way - here’s today’s sketch!

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    NaSkeWriMo: 9/19

    By Allie Keller
    Version 1 (9/19/14)

    (Lights up. Person is standing on stage. Second person walks on.)

    PERSON 1
    Excuse me, but do I know you from somewhere?

    PERSON 2
    I get that a lot. I Just have one of those faces.

    (Person 2 walks off stage.)

    PERSON 1
    …Because I think you might be my Mom…


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